Truck Wheel Wash System

At Wheel Wash Guys, we know that no two sites are alike. That is why our experienced and skilled team will work with you to tailor a solution for your precise site requirements.

wheel wash system

How do Wheel Wash Systems Work?

As implied by the name, wheel wash systems are innovative pieces of equipment that excel in cleaning wheels and undercarriages as vehicles exit a jobsite. Every system is designed to fit in the ground, allowing vehicles to simply drive over the system without the need for additional cleaning equipment. From large pickup trucks to industrial-sized equipment, our wheel wash systems utilize multiple high-pressure nozzles to direct water to target dirt and debris, keeping it off roads and out of waterways.

Why get a wheel wash system?

Though wheels can often look sufficiently clean to the naked eye, they often carry a lot of harmful dirt and debris out of a construction site and deposit it on common roadways. These pollutants can then find their way into the city’s waterways where they can harm our natural marine and aquatic wildlife. Wheel wash systems are a quick and effective means of removing this dirt from vehicles, keeping it on the job site and off the road. Not using a wheel wash system is like working on your backyard garden, getting your boots dirty, and then keeping these boots on as you walk through your home instead of simply taking them off at the door. These simple, proactive solutions promote environmental cleanliness and protect our precious marine habitats, while also keeping our roads clean.

What does the Installation Process Look Like?

Once a system has been agreed upon, the Wheel Wash Guys handle all the logistics for mobilization and set-up of the system. We coordinate with the site liaison to ensure that all stakeholders are aware and ready for the system to be installed.

Why Should you Choose Wheel Wash Guys?

At the Wheel Wash Guys, we value honest communication and transparency. We are committed to providing you with quality solutions and total peace of mind. As an authorized distributor for premier wheel wash systems, we perform any required maintenance, which saves time and money. After installation, we provide ongoing support, service, and maintenance on our systems. Our service and response time is second to none. Whether you are looking for a permanent or temporary solution, the Wheel Wash Guys are the team to rely upon.

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